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Jan Rusnok Galeria Prawdziwych Obrazów - True Pictures Gallery

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Jan Rusnok paints traditional true pictures with traditional painting technique. It is fairly strange phenomenon, but on the other hand not so rare. It is strange because he constantly uses this technique while more and more modern art styles and movements, like conceptualism or performance, are spreading around the world. However, it is not so rare because the line that had been delineated by the great masters of painting of all epochs has not disappeared in muddle of contemporary art. It is possibly less visible, not so revealing and not so avant-garde, but it still exists and I suppose it survive many more art experiments. nowadays one must have an obstinacy and courage to “enjoy the picture” (said Jan Cybis about himself and Polish colorists). Jan Rusnok seems to have enough of attributes if he enjoys pictures for years. The landscape he paints is very personal and poetical. His every picture originated from a real scenery but then the artist transform it in his imagination into autonomous being. They are, therefore, not realistic landscapes but the author’s inner visions. They aren’t simple effects of painter’s rapture over beauty of the scenery and they are not to serve this purpose. Here is the nature, beautiful and mighty that overwhelms the man and imbibes him so that he becomes to a piece of it. He has never stopped being it but he forgets about it too often. Pictures of Jan Rusnok try to help us to realize that simple truth.



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